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potentially triggery game: warning to SA/R*pe victims.

a friend of mine just gave me a link to a game that i feel i should warn everyone about. it's called Dominus Predator-Sim.

The author's comment: You take the position of a known sexual predator. You goal is to maintain a high number of sexual attacks, while supporting your underground lifestyle through working for Crime-Lords and doing jobs on the streets.
This game contains extremely degrading material and I strongly urge those who are easily insulted, not to play it.

i haven't played it myself, but from the reaction of my friend after i reminded him that i have been raped, it's likely to be extremely triggery and i thought that it would be best to pass on the link in an attempt to prevent members being tricked into clicking it by someone malicious. (note: my friend just didn't quite think. he's not an asshole.)

this would be the link: or if they try to hide it with tinyurl. (note: you can preview the real url with tinyurl, now.)

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